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Mindful Big 3 - meditation, sound healing, and gentle yoga with Tracy Hart
Mindful Big 3 - meditation, sound healing, and gentle yoga with Tracy Hart

What’s the best way to get less stressed and feel healthier? The “Mindful Big 3”!

Exciting news about my new coaching program!

I have been working with students for years using meditation, sound healing, and gentle yoga movement practices to help them get less stressed and feeling healthier.  These three practices have had the biggest results in creating transformation in people’s lives (including my own!).  


I call these practices the  “Mindful Big 3” and it shifts people out of constantly feeling stressed and drained and into having a calmer mind, body, and life.  And I customize a program of these holistic healing practices to your life and goals.


What exactly is the “Mindful Big 3”?


  • Meditation is the key that holds it all together as a practice of mindful awareness.  
  • Sound healing is vibrational energy with singing bowls that helps us to learn to deeply listen and clears out the energetic pathways – opening us up for new learning and new energy.  (Sound healing literally saved my life!)
  • Gentle yoga movement practices (with functional movement and gentle strength building) are pivotal to our body awareness and to creating a healthy body to carry us on our journey.


My coaching works on three levels – mind, body, and energy and it’s this combination of work that will bring about a change in how you feel.


What’s new about this?

So, this isn’t exactly new in terms of what I teach, but I’m presenting this program to students like you in a new way that helps you create a lasting transformation that is really a total mindset shift.  You will be amazed at how good you feel! 


Some of you have taken classes and workshops with me and it’s always a powerful event for all. But it may not create a lasting transformation that is literally a lifestyle and mindset shift into healing, mindful practices that become part of your life.  


It’s great to have an amazing class or even a few private session experiences, but this new coaching program is about creating a shift that will have you feeling more energized, less stressed, and better in your own body (movement and body image!).


Enjoying the journey 


One of the hardest things about any shift (even when we really want it) is making the time for it.  A big part of my “Mindful Big 3” coaching is teaching you how to take what we do in our private sessions and use it in your everyday life – this equals less stress, more patience with your kids, more focus at work, and more energy for what you love.  


I would love to talk with you specifically about how my coaching in the “Mindful Big 3” can help you create the transformation that you want to a more mindful life.  Know that it’s part of the mindful discovery process in this coaching that I help you figure it out – because it’s not always obvious what we want to change and how we want to feel sometimes!


The best way to start this process is for us to actually talk.  Schedule your free 30 minute consultation with me today.  You can go right into my calendar and book it (with at least 24 hours notice).  Then I can tell you more about the “Mindful Big 3” and how it can start working for you today in my coaching program.  

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