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Tips to build your confidence to mindfully get up and down from the floor

A few simple tips to build confidence getting up from the floor can help us all

Confidence getting up and down from the floor is key to being independent, having freedom, and having more options.  And even if you can easily do it that doesn’t mean that there aren’t more mindful ways to explore.  🤨. These tips to build confidence getting up are for all of us at every level.  There’s always something to consider in a different way!

I have had many people tell me that they “can’t” do yoga or exercise because they are not comfortable getting up and down from the floor.  And while there are definitely many things that we can do that don’t require us to lower down to the floor, wouldn’t it be nice to feel comfortable that you can easily get there and back without strain?

Maybe this is something that you don’t think about or isn’t a problem for you, and, if so, that’s great!  But…maybe even if you are confident getting up from the floor there are ways that you could do it more mindfully and put less stress on your body.


Why is mindfully getting up and down from the floor important?

  1.  Confidence

Confidence is key.  You don’t want to feel like you’re stuck on the floor or need assistance and no one is there.  When you practice different ways of getting up from the floor mindfully,  you will gain confidence that you can do so whenever you need to without putting strain on your body.


2.  Freedom

Maybe you want to do yoga or some crunches.  Or maybe you want to play with your kids or grandkids on the floor.  Or play tug with your pup – I spend a ton of time playing with my pup, Kosar, on the floor!  So, why take away your options?  Being able to easily get up and down from the floor can give you the option to workout, play, or clean something down low.


3.  Less strain

When you know how to mindfully get up and down from the floor, you don’t put weird pressure into your joints and into your back.  You distribute your weight, use your core, and you focus on engagement in your entire body.


Three tips for building confidence getting up and down from the floor

  1. Notice

Just like I teach in meditation, the first step is to notice what you are doing when you use your body to stand up from the floor.

If I don’t pay attention to how I get up, I definitely strain my right wrist and my back.  And these are places that are vulnerable to me to begin with, so I need to protect them and balance out my movements.

2.  Build core strength

I am an advocate of building core strength for our everyday movements.  When I had painful tendonitis in my wrist/thumb, my hand therapist got me thinking about all the ways that I use my hands (and limbs, in general) in my everyday life.  So, yeah, I engage my core and get into a good, close, balanced position when I open the car door now.  😎. At first it was a lot to think about, but just like everything, it becomes part of you and it supports me.

3.  Practice

Below I have two videos with examples on how to get up and down from the floor mindfully.  One uses the hands and the other is a bit more advanced and uses no hands.

If you’re just getting started, give the one that uses the hands a try and really try to feel all the parts of the body that are connecting to the earth, your core, and anything else that is engaging to support you – you might be surprised what parts of the body you can use to help you stand up.

Also, pay attention to what might be tightening and holding that doesn’t need to be!

And if you don’t have trouble getting up from the floor, but want to try to do it without your hands, try the second version.  That one’s more about using your core and other stabilizing muscles and will give your shoulder, elbow, and the joints in your hand a break.

Check them out and let me know what you think!





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