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Can you learn life lessons in sound healing sessions?

Tracy Hart sound healer

What life lessons can you learn in a sound healing session?

Sound healing with singing bowls starts the process of building on the positive life lessons of awareness and noticing with kindness. It’s a practice that becomes layered in your life and you keep building upon so you can use it more and more when times get stressful.


If you’re not sure what sound healing with singing bowls is, check out this page first!


This week I had two students give me feedback about their experience with my sound sessions.  One was a great example of what I teach in class coming to life in the real world and the other represented to me a mindset that I’m still teaching to in each class and we are all still practicing.


Sound healing is training for real life experience

The first student let me know that he was able to use what I’ve been teaching in meditation and sound sessions when he got an MRI.  The tight space, the loud noise – all so stressful!  But he came back to what I teach in class.  I tell students to just notice with kindness – thoughts, sounds, breath, the body.  


The sound of the MRI isn’t a pleasant sound, but it’s what we do in our minds that make it truly uncomfortable.  And if for a few seconds here and there he was able to just keep noticing the sound as something to pay attention to like the breath or the sound of the singing bowls, then that’s amazing!


Sound healing is practice for the fact that nothing is perfect


A different student mentioned to me that she was distracted because she could hear cars and sounds from outside while she was listening to me play the bowls virtually.  She said that it’s hard to get a “perfect environment”.  


That’s absolutely correct!  There’s no perfect environment even when setting up for a relaxing sound healing.  Even if we could remove every single sound, which we can’t, we still have our breath, the blood pulsing through our veins, our heart beating, and our thoughts.  All of which could be considered “distractions”.  


Practicing noticing with kindness is a lifelong practice


Life is full of sound and energy and vibration.  And everything that comes into our experience in sound healing is part of the whole experience.  It’s all up to be noticed with kindness.  


And this is the practice for the real world – the practice that enables us to be less reactive and more aware with kindness to ourselves and others.


Want to experience sound healing so you can embrace more in your life?

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Stress comes from our expectations not meeting what arises and when we experience sound healing, we are able to practice embracing what arises with kindness.


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