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This is the place to get started on your mindful journey with me.  It isn’t enough just to wish or hope for a more mindful and less stressed life.  

To feel it, you have to schedule it and experience it!  

It’s time to make the meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement practices that I offer part of your life and part of your calendar.  

I encourage you to check out my “Mindful Big 3” coaching packages and use my special events and weekly classes to supplement what we work on in our private sessions.

To experience a true shift into a more mindful and less stressed life, you need the guidance, accountability, and consistent personalization that comes with my coaching program.  Then get into the group energy of a session to practice your “Mindful Big 3”!

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“Mindful Big 3”

My “Mindful Big 3” coaching program creates mindset shifts.  Move out of stress and anxiety and into a mindful way of living life.  

I teach you practices from the most powerful trio – “The Mindful Big 3”.  Meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement create the transformation that you desire.  They allow you get get easeful in your life in both mind and body.  Become calm and present, but also more productive and energized.

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Special Events with Tracy Hart Mindful Big 3

Special Events

Special events can be any combination of the “Mindful Big 3” (meditation, sound healing, or mindful movement).

These group events have a specific goal in mind and may also include work on the chakras, experiencing reiki healing, and practical mindfulness techniques.

Supplement your private coaching sessions with me through special events that focus on a transformation that you can experience in that specific session.

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Weekly group classes supplement your private work that you do with me in my “The Mindful Big 3” coaching.  I offer regular weekly classes in “The Mindful Big 3” – meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement

Your journey to a transformation of a calmer mind, body, and energy doesn’t just happen in private sessions.  Group sessions can be part of your “homework”.  You can practice what we work on in a private coaching session and experience a powerfully positive group energy!

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