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This is the place to get started on your mindful journey with me.  It isn’t enough just to wish or hope for a more mindful and less stressed life.

To feel it, you have to schedule it and experience it!  

It’s time to make the meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement practices that I offer part of your life by getting them on your calendar today!


Private Sessions

Private sessions are the best way to get exactly what you need, feedback on your progress, a plan to keep progressing, an encouragement.

The biggest transformations that I have seen in my clients who want to shift into a more mindful and less stressed life, happen sign up for my “Mindful Big 3” coaching program.  Here, you get the the guidance, accountability, and consistent personalization that comes with my coaching program.  Explore meditation, sound healing,  mindful movement / yoga,  reiki, and Mindful Rolling (self-myofascial release) over the course of six weeks.  And truly create a lifestyle transformation.

But for those of you who want to schedule individual private sessions in any of these healing modalities, I offer single, private virtual sessions that can be easily scheduled at your convenience.

Contact me for private virtual or in person local NJ sessions in yoga, meditation, or sound healing.

Ready to dive deep with one-on-one coaching over the course of 6 weeks?  Schedule your free phone conversation today to discuss this personalized program.  

Classes and Special Events

Group sessions can be any combination of the “Mindful Big 3” (meditation, sound healing, or mindful movement).

These group sessions have a specific goal in mind and may also include work on the chakras, experiencing reiki healing, practical mindfulness techniques, and Mindful Rolling self-myofascial release.

Supplement your private coaching sessions with me through group sessions that focus on a transformation that you can experience in that specific session.

Sign up for an Event or Class