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What is reiki?

Reiki is an energetic healing technique in which the practitioner places hands on or over the client’s body to send universal energy where it needs to go in the client.  Reiki can help to put your body and mind into a state of balance to promote healing. It works with your energy centers (chakras) to help to align your system so that you are functioning at your optimal level.  


The idea is that the practitioner is not a “healer”, but a conduit for the healing universal energy to flow through to the client.  That energy knows where it needs to go and as a reiki practitioner you only have to be open to allowing the most healing, positive energy to go where the person needs it the most.


Sound too good to be true?

Skeptical?  I was too…before I discovered yoga I was very scientific in my approach to everything (maybe because of my math degree and analytics jobs) and needed to see things in black and white to understand and believe them.  It wasn’t until I started practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga that I began to FEEL the energy moving and shifting within me.


Once I had the experience of feeling this shift in energy and even seeing how other people were responding differently to me because of it, I was off down the path of exploring other ways to working with this energy.  That’s what brought me to sound healing, then reiki, then to the combination of the two!


What are reiki sessions like?

Distance reiki sessions

In-person reiki sessions

Contact me if you are in the northern/central New Jersey area and would like to discuss the possibility of in-person reiki with me.  

Reiki sessions are one hour long and I also offer reiki in combination with sound healing.  In my sound healing sessions I infuse the bowls with reiki healing energy and also offer reiki to the client in between playing the bowls on and around him or her.


Want to talk more about reiki and see if it could help you?  Schedule a free phone consultation with me so that I can give you a better idea of what you can expect in a session.  Click here to email me to get the conversation started.