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Online Learning with Tracy

Online learning enables the “Mindful Big 3” to come to you in so many easy ways!  Digital courses are the best way to conveniently learn at your own pace.  I break down the information into small chunks.  You’ll get tons of videos, demonstrations, and lessons to help you to incorporate the material into your life.


Free Digital Mini-Course

Get my new free mini-course today!  “How to reduce anxiety and stress with singing bowl sound baths.”  

It’s totally free and easy to sign up here.  

There are meditations and information about sound healing and how it works to help with stress.  And there’s tons of experience based lessons.  You’ll get to meditate and receive the sound healing of the crystal singing bowls. So relaxing!  Curious how the chakras work with the singing bowls?  Check it out today!


COMING SOON:  Your chakras & sound healing

This is my newest digital course that I’m just putting the finishing touches on.  I’m so excited to share this with you because I have seen the benefits for myself and my students when we use the singing bowls to work with the chakras, or subtle energy.

This course dives deep into the chakras and how to use the singing bowls to bring them into the best possible alignment.  Because when the chakras are aligned, balanced, and the energy can flow freely, we are healthier. 

Sound healing for the chakras promotes restorative rest and healing in our mind, body, and energetic centers. The singing bowls can also help to clear out old stories, shadows, and chakra demons that could be holding us back from our true potential.

This course is still in progress, so if you’re interested in sound and the chakras, email me so I can answer any questions you have in this course!


“Mindful Big 3” Coaching

The most convenient way to work together with me on the “Mindful Big 3” – meditation, sound healing, and gentle yoga – is virtually.  It is so easy for us to get together to video conference in your home, office, or when you’re traveling for work.  We could even schedule our virtual sessions during your lunch break on a weekday.  

Part of making this program for stress relief and feeling better in and about your body work for you is the fact that I can schedule this at convenient times for us to work remotely.  You save time on commuting and get the personal attention that you need.  And we actually make it happen because it is so convenient!  

Learn more about my personal coaching in the “Mindful Big 3” and how it can create a positive shift for you.