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Digital Courses

Digital courses enable the “Mindful Big 3” to come to you in so many easy ways!  Digital courses are the best way to conveniently learn at your own pace.  

I break down the information into small chunks, so you can commit to making the practices part of your life and you will actually enjoy them!  You’ll get tons of videos, demonstrations, and lessons to help you to transform your mindset into someone who takes time on a daily basis to take care of yourself and this positive momentum will keep building each day.


Gratitude Immersion with Meditation, Restorative Yoga, and Sound Healing

This four week digital course is about cultivating gratitude in everything that you do and how an attitude of gratitude can help to reduce stress and leave you feeling happier on a daily basis.  

Starting November 1st you will receive one email per week for 4 weeks with gratitude training that includes meditation and simple mindfulness techniques you can use every day to strengthen your gratitude muscle.  This email will also contain journaling prompts that you can use during the week to find more gratitude in your everyday life.  

This course gives you access to 4 weekly live virtual sessions (11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23) that focus on different topics to enhance your gratitude practice using meditation, sound healing with crystal singing bowls, and restorative yoga (each session is available for replay for 7 days).  

$129 for the 4 week virtual course, no refunds or transfers.


Challenge – Seven Days to Restore Your Sanity and Your Body

Break out of the constant cycle of worry.  This consistent stress will cause tension and restriction in the body and leave you feeling exhausted.  

You need a mindset switch and TOOLS that make sense for your busy life to start actually living life without worry.

Find out more about the course here.  

And sign up to get your free training videos that will teach you about the methods that I’ve used for myself and my students to break free of mental and physical stress and to make it a habit that lasts a lifetime.  Grab your free training videos here.  


The Ultimate Guide to Balancing the Seven Chakras with Sound Healing

This course dives deep into the chakras and how to experience the singing bowls in order to bring them into the best possible alignment.  Because when the chakras are aligned, balanced, and the energy can flow freely, we are healthier. 

Sound healing for the chakras promotes restorative rest and healing in our mind, body, and energetic centers. The singing bowls can also help to clear out old stories, shadows, and chakra demons that could be holding us back from our true potential.

The benefits of learning more about your charkas and, more importantly, experiencing them, can be found in so many areas of your life.

You might not realize that blocked energy can be keeping you stuck in less than productive patterns.  It could be with relationships, work situations, or even in the mental chatter that causes stress in your everyday life.  

But this course isn’t just information!  You will get in depth experiences of this energy in so many different, creative, and fun ways!  This is a program that you will enjoy going through because your knowledge, intuition, and awareness of your charkas will grow with each lesson.  

Sign up for this comprehensive and energy shifting course here.