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What is mindful movement in the “Mindful Big 3”?

The gentle yoga component in my “Mindful Big 3” coaching program is a movement practice for every body regardless of experience.

I believe that we need to move our bodies in various ways in order to feel good in our bodies and about our bodies.  


What does the mindful movement practice look like?

Here are some components of the movement practice that I teach, which is tailored to each person:

  • Mindfully moving in a variety of ways through our range of movement.
  • Traditional exploration of yoga postures and movements, but also using these postures and movements in unique ways to challenge the body in different ways.
  • Strength building and stability training that help to support a confident, strong body that moves with ease.
  • Restorative yoga and therapeutic poses that place the body in gentle postures that are propped up with blankets and bolsters.  


Why is movement important?

Every day we move our bodies in different ways as we lift, bend, reach for things, and walk up and down the stairs.  If we don’t have a movement practice where we mindfully practice moving in different ways and stretching and stabilizing the body we can create injuries, misalignment, and strain.

We may also be sitting too much in our daily lives which also can cause strain on the body.  We could lose mobility and get tight.  And this can all create discomfort in the body which affects all aspects of our lives.  

It’s hard to be at your best when you don’t feel good in your body.

Mindful movement is a practice geared towards allowing you to increase your flexibility and range of motion.  And through working with the body in this way, we create a stronger connection to the body.  

This movement practice helps to increase our body awareness and body love.  Body image is strongly tied to our awareness of our body and how we care for it.  And when we build a movement practice with mindful awareness, we honor where we are and the journey of where we want to go.  

A mindful movement practice honors our bodies with kindness.


Mindful Movement as Meditation

I teach students to go within and listen to their bodies as they are moving and holding postures or stretches.  This form of yoga is a meditation because it brings your awareness to how you are feeling.  And any time we are in present moment awareness, we are living our true lives.  

This is also a practice that helps us to see how we are feeling in our bodies throughout the day. You’ll start to ask yourself:

  • Do I need to get up from our desk and move more?
  • Are my shoulders creeping up towards my ears?
  • Am I holding my breath or clenching my jaw when I get stressed?

(Confession – these are all examples from my own life – things that I repeatedly have to remind myself to notice and release.  But, I think many of my students have the same patterns.  What about you?  And for my friends who sit at a desk most of the day, I have more information for you here!)



Who can move mindfully?

Short answer:  anyone (always get a doctor’s permission when starting an exercise program)

Slightly longer answer:   I work with people at all fitness levels and with various experiences with yoga.  You don’t need to know anything about movement, strength, or yoga except that it is a mindful practice where you will be experiencing your body moving and stationary postures – all while paying attention to how that all feels in the mind and body.

Ready to start moving in a mindful way?

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