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“Mindful Big 3” Coaching

Private sessions in my “Mindful Big 3” coaching programs are customized to incorporate the best combination of meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement practices.  You can sign up for virtual sessions and please contact me if you would like to explore in-person sessions.

I have found the combination of these three main practices is the best way to shift into a mindful lifestyle with consistency in both mind and body.

I suggest that if you want to make a transformation to a more mindful and less stressed life, that you work with the “Mindful Big 3” with at least 6 weeks of private sessions.  That way you can learn, practice, and start to incorporate these practices into your life.  The discounted 6 pack of private sessions are available here.  


What are the “Mindful Big 3”?

  1. Meditation
  2. Sound healing
  3. Mindful Movement

(Read more about each element by clicking the links.)

The reason that there is three elements is because although each of these healing modalities is effective at reducing stress and promoting a more mindful life, you really need all three of them to make a lifestyle shift.

When we’re talking about moving away from a stressed, anxious life and into a calmer, more productive live with lots of positive energy in the mind and body, we need to work with all three of these areas:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Energy

And it’s the commitment to working in these areas that creates the ability to make this part of your life.  We want a plan that will fit into our busy lives and not feel like an obligation.

That’s why I’ve developed this three part plan!  The “Mindful Big 3” is the foundation for your mindful life shift.  You will feel better because you mind will be calmer and less stressed, your body will experience movement and less tension, and your energy will be more clear and flowing in a positive direction.


Let’s work together!

Sign up today by selecting a time and day below.  I’m excited to start working with you!  You can contact me with any questions about the sessions and schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me.  

Please contact me for any requested appointments that are within 24 hours.


“Mindful Big 3” Coaching Packages

Before you grab your appointment time, check out my discounted packages.  I recommend for a true transformation using the “Mindful Big 3” that you purchase and commit to 6 sessions to start your practice.  


Ready to start exploring how the “Mindful Big 3” can help you today?