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Start Meditating in Three Easy Steps

How to Start Meditating in Three Easy Steps


If we don’t make meditating easy, we won’t do it

It’s time to get you meditating with these three easy steps.  There are many ways to meditate, but I know from personal experience if there’s too much info, then I wind up not taking action.

This is your chance to try meditation (or to stick with it!) and start reaping the benefits that we all know it can give us!


What is meditation?

Meditating is being aware of where your attention is at any given moment.  And it’s also about treating that knowledge with kindness and working towards not judging or analyzing.  So, meditation is both easy and hard to do.

In a recent blog post (read it here), I talked about how meditation is so powerful that it’s the foundation of my “Mindful Big 3” coaching program.

The mind is often judging, comparing, and racing about.  And when we meditate, we’re not trying to completely stop the mind.  We’re just trying to give the mind some space; some rest from the constant racing.  Maybe we are guiding the mind gently back to a point of focus like the breath.  Or we’re just allowing thoughts to arise and practicing non-judgement.  

There are so many ways to meditate, but the key is to get started.  You will start meditating today with these three easy steps!  


Benefits of meditation and why aren’t we doing it?

Most of us know that there are many benefits of meditation:  

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Energize your day 
  • Improve communication
  • Help to heal the mind and body


But if we all know there are benefits, why aren’t we all practicing it every day to get more and more of those benefits?

You may be wanting to meditate, but don’t think you have the time, or you might think that meditation is too hard or that you’re not doing it right.


Start Meditating in Three Easy Steps

That’s why I’ve boiled it down to just three easy steps to learn how to meditate and to stick with meditating daily.  

When there are lots of techniques and information out there, the best way to get yourself to do something that you know has benefits for you is to find a way to simplify it.  

So here are your three steps to meditate today – and you can do this for 30 seconds or 30 minutes.


Easy Step 1. Get still and do less

Are you constantly running?  Many of us are constantly busy and we might think that we have relaxation when we watch Netflix or scroll through our social media feeds on our phones.  But these things keep our minds racing and don’t provide restorative rest to the mind and body.  

When we start doing less and let the body get still, we can go within and pay attention to our thoughts and emotions.  

So, the first step is literally just to stop.  

Sit, stand, or lay down in stillness.  The mind might start racing as your attentional space opens up because you’re doing less and that’s ok.  But you need to stop moving first so you can get to the next step.


Easy Step 2.  Notice

Now that you’re in a state of stillness pay attention to:

  • How you feel in your body
  • What’s going on with your breath
  • Thoughts as they arise 

That’s it!  

Just notice what arises in the body, breath, and thoughts and work towards not following the story.  

The mind will often want to argue or compare or judge, but the “practice” of meditation is about practicing just watching what comes up with interest and then coming back to watch for the next thing that arises.


Easy Step 3.  Be kind

You may start to wonder as you’re meditating if you’re doing it “right” or if this even has a benefit.  Maybe you start criticising yourself for something that happened earlier in the day that you just remembered.  Or you give yourself a hard time for sitting and doing what seems like nothing while you have a ton of work to do!

As we meditate, we may become aware of the not so positive self-talk that’s in the undercurrent of our thoughts on a regular basis.  And this is where we need to meet ourselves with kindness.

We got still, we started to notice, now when we notice something, we work towards meeting it with kindness.  Whether it’s a thought, a sensation in the body, or the quality of our breath, we notice it and then practice an attitude of kindness.  

Then just keep repeating and notice the next thing with kindness.

As we practice kindness in our meditation, we practice kindness in our everyday lives – towards ourselves and towards others.


Wrap up

There you have it – three easy steps to meditating today.  

How long and how often should you do it?  To start getting the benefits of mediation, you need to do it on a daily basis.  I know you’re busy!  But, I’m talking about getting still, noticing, and being kind for 30 seconds to 30 minutes a day.  

And we all have 30 seconds a day, it’s just a matter of making it a priority to do.  And when you see how simple these three steps are you can easily make it a daily practice!  


Want to make this process even simpler?  Get your checklist for the 3 simple steps to starting mediation here.


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