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“Mindful Big 3” professional development training for educators

School staff and educators need training in my “Mindful Big 3” of meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement now more than ever!  

I am a former public school teacher and I understand the stressors and the non-stop action of the classroom.  That’s why I provide professional development programs for public school teachers that help them get less stressed and more empowered in the classroom.  

My “Mindful Big 3” program helps educators on be more mindful in and out of the classroom.  

Teachers will be less stressed and more productive without feeling drained.  


What are the “Mindful Big 3” and how do they help teachers?

1.  Meditation

2.  Sound Healing

3.  Mindful Movement

Teachers who experience my “Mindful Big 3” training get the benefits of this powerful trio and the outcomes are amazing!  Here are some of the things that teachers learn:

  • Breathing exercises for deep relaxation and stress management.
  • How to take a mindful moment in the classroom when things get overwhelming.
  • How to practice meditation in short sessions that fit into a busy work day and home life.
  • To communicate more effectively through deep listening (sound healing is amazing for this!).
  • Teacher learn to share the mindful techniques that I teach with their own students.  

A more mindful classroom yields better results for everyone!


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Teachers need to recharge

Teaching is a very rewarding, but also a very demanding and stressful profession.  This is where the “Mindful Big 3” come in.  Teachers are “on” all of the time and the constant communication with students, parents, administrators, and colleagues can be draining.  Now there are more and more demands on teachers in terms of testing, teaching online, and accountability.  

Teachers need support, resources, and tools to help them so the best job that they possibly can for the students and the community without feeling stressed and drained. And in my “Mindful Big 3” professional development training for teachers, we start with a holistic approach to helping teachers.  

Then, as teachers feel more calm, organized, productive, and purposeful, they can help our students, communities, and parents enjoy school and get the most out of it.

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What does the “Mindful Big 3” for Educators look like?

My professional development programs for educators look different in different schools.  I customize the program to fit what your teachers need the most to support them on their journey.

Below are some examples of formats for professional development, but I specialize in developing a program that is uniquely suited to your educators.  All programs incorporate the “Mindful Big 3” – meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement along with practical classroom mindfulness and productivity tips from someone who has been in the classroom.


Training options

  • Webinars – Live or recorded video trainings 
  • In-person professional development
  • Weekly classes

All options can be customized for your school and can take place in a short 1-2 hour webinar or class or be a full day of professional development.  Mindful Life On Demand, LLC is a registered NJ business and I have worked with public schools in NJ to help educators get more mindful.

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