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Is COVID-19 the space between the notes of your life?

COVID-19 – space between the notes as time to resonate with your life

Could COVID-19 be the space between the notes of our lives just as Claude Debussy said, “Music is the space between the notes”?  The space is the room that the notes need to resonate and give full expression to the sound.  Without the space, there would just be chaos and no music.  

COVID-19 caused many of us to take a pause.  To stop the running.  We wouldn’t have chosen to stop in this manner, but perhaps it’s a time to find our own resonance with ourselves and with the world.  

Many of us have suffered hardships and change, but many of us have also had amazing realizations of our priorities and how we want to spend our time going forward even in a time of uncertainty.


What are we running to?

We’re often focused on the outcome.  Focused on getting the job, getting into a certain dress size, making our bodies into yoga shapes like someone else in class, getting the next car or house or phone.  

But what about the present moment?  What about all the things in between the outcome – the boring things and the hard things.  Things like doing the dishes, cleaning, and taking care of loved ones.  All the things that prepare us to be in a place to reach our goals, but sometimes feel like they’re holding us back from those other things that need to get done.

Ask yourself, how often are you fully present with the person you’re with?

COVID-19 stopped the running towards certain goals for some of us and some may still be uncertain of what’s next to run to.  But the pause that it caused gave us time to resonate with our own energy, with what feels true and right for us.  


“Everyone’s some place they wanna leave.  Everyone’s got some place they wanna be.

Go back!  We’re coming home!”

The Scandals, “Avalanche”



COVID-19 – the space between the notes of uncertainty and adaptability

Although some things are coming back online, many of us are still in a state of limbo. What will be different with our work, our kids’ schooling, how we go to the store or how we go out to eat?   At this point, I don’t think any of us really know what things will look like.

How will it all look?  How will it feel?  

This can be frustrating to not know the outcome.  To be in limbo with so many things not in our control.  Will everyone wear face masks, will we ever shake hands with someone again, will our kids be back in the classroom and playgrounds.  We can keep trying to figure it out and reimagine it in our minds, but the truth is that we won’t know until we start to live into the changes and transitions.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

John Lennon, “Beautiful Boy”

Resonate with your true purpose during COVID-19

Although there is still pause and uncertainty, we can live in this space in between.  We can keep trying to figure out how it will all look or wish that it was like it was before, but much of the future is uncertain and out of our control. 

What we have is the present moment – this space in between where we were before and where we will be as we come back into a new and different life with COVID-19 as part of that life.

This isn’t our time to wait out COVID-19 or to wish things were as they were before.  It’s our time to live in this moment, however uncertain it is, however scary it is.  COVID-19 has shined a light on the space between the notes and given is time to resonate with our own lives and with others.


Meditation and sound healing to live fully in the space between the notes during COVID-19

Meditation and sound healing with singing bowls are amazing places to go within and see the spaces between the notes.

In sound healing, I like to chime the bowl or rub the bowl and let it play out – let the sound go and vibrate with some space between making the next sound.  This gives people time to feel that sound and all that arises from it.  And in meditation, I can guide people to not just focus on the inhale and exhale of the breath, but to feel literally the space between the breath – the transition from inhale into exhale and exhale into inhale.

These two modalities are practice for what we are doing in our lives when we look at the space between the running and how COVID-19 has highlighted the important notes in our lives and how we can live in the space between them.


“The space between

The tears we cry is the laughter keeps us coming back for more.”

Dave Matthews Band, “The Space Between”.


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