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The “Mindful Big 3” is perfect for corporate employees because it works on all the levels that they need to renew and recharge during their workday.  It also teaches them tools for stress relief that can help them become more productive without feeling energetically drained.  My “Mindful Big 3” corporate programs include meditation, sound healing with singing bowls, and mindful movement.

  1.  Meditation

Employees are often at a screen for hours a day, running from meeting to meeting, and communicating with many different people.  And during all of this, they are often multitasking which creates even more of a drain on our minds and bodies.

Meditation gives the mind a much needed break.  We all need space and time to go within and recharge the mind.  Otherwise there comes a point where we can’t think, more mistakes occur, and we just can’t get as creative as we want to be in our work.

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2.  Sound Healing

Sound healing with singing bowls is one of the best ways to get the mind to quiet down and get some seriously needed restorative rest.  The busy pace of a corporate environment is highly stimulating and sound healing can help to develop deep listening and inner awareness that is so restoring to both the mind and the body.

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3.  Mindful Movement

Time to undo some of the sitting that we all do!

I’m not talking about crazy movements and pretzel-like postures.  I teach a gentle form of yoga that is basically just a moving meditation.  It’s about going within and seeing how our bodies feel.  I teach students to ask themselves questions like:

  • What is my range of motion like today?
  • How does this stretch feel?
  • What am I using to stabilize my body?

I teach students that the practice of moving with awareness translates into how we sit at our computers, how we walk, how we lift things, and other everyday activities.

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Customized offerings

I offer a variety of formats based upon your client needs.  All of these offerings can very conveniently be taught virtually.  If you are interested in on-site services in NJ, please contact me to discuss.  Here are some options, but there are an unlimited number of combinations that I can customize for your employees wellness based upon my “Mindful Big 3”.

  • Weekly classes
  • Mindful retreats (full day, 1/2 day)
  • Webinars

All options can be customized for your business and can be anywhere from a 30 minute class to a full day session.  

Contact me today to customize your company’s wellness package with me using my “Mindful Big 3” method.

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