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Getting to know your chakra demons

Chakra demons and sound healing with Tracy Hart


Chakra demons are the shadows that cloud your chakras, which are subtle energy centers that are connected to us physically, mentally, and spiritually.  These energy centers can be blocked by demons that prevent us from reaching our true potential and can leave us feeling tired, angry, sad, and afraid without even knowing why.

Chakra demons can adversely affect our lives, but you can clear your chakras of the demons by using your breath, awareness, the colors of the chakras, physical postures and movement, chanting, and, my favorite way to clear the chakra demons – sound healingSound Healing.  

Learning about the chakras and their demons is a good way to start exploring why you feel certain ways in your mind and body and why you react in certain ways.  


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Let’s take a deep dive into the chakra demons!


  1. Root Chakra and its demon FEAR

The first chakra is about our sense of survival and safety.  It is the place of feeling a connection to the earth, our bodies, and our right to be here.  


Fear can take away our sense of security about money, our work, and our bodies.  Fear is a demon that prevents us from grounding in the calmness of the root chakra and keeps us vigilantly looking for danger even when we are not in dangerous situations.  This keeps our nervous system in the state of arousal and prevents us from living fully in the present moment.


Does fear leave you feeling like you’re always on the lookout for danger and never able to truly ground and let your mind and body feel safe and rested?


  1. Sacral Chakra and its demon GUILT


The second chakra is about our sexuality, creativity and about our connection to others.   It’s associated with the water element and about being in the flow of life and living with all of our emotions.


Guilt is the demon of the second chakra.  It prevents us from connecting with others and from having an intimate relationship with our own emotions and others.  Guilt cuts us off from the flow of life and inhibits our creativity with its persistent grap.


  1. Solar Plexus and its demon SHAME


The solar plexus is our personal fire power – it’s our place of arriving in our self-esteem and standing in our personal power with grace.


Shame is the demon of this chakra that squashes our fire and prevents us from igniting our light and standing in our true purpose.  It causes us to focus negatively inward on ourselves, which usurps our confidence.


  1. Heart and its demon GRIEF


The heart is the center of giving and receiving love.  It’s our space of compassion for ourselves and others.


The demon of this chakra is grief and it’s easy to see how the flow of love can be blocked by the pain of grief.  Grief has its place in the heart, but the heart can sometimes shut down completely from grief and not let the light shine out to others our to ourselves.


  1. Throat and its demon LIES


The throat chakra is about communication and giving a voice to all of your energy.  It’s about speaking your truth.


Lies are the demon of the throat chakra and when the lies are allowed to dominate they affect our voice so that we are not expressing our true selves, we are not honoring others, and we are not standing in our personal power with grace.


  1. Third eye and its demon ILLUSION


The third eye center is our center of intuition.  We all have this and experience it in different ways and connecting to the third eye is about trusting this wisdom.


The demon of the third eye is illusion.  This prevents us from seeing things as they are.  It distorts our thoughts and perceptions and, in turn, negatively affects how we see others, our work, and our place in the world.  


  1. Crown and its demon ATTACHMENT 


The crown chakra is the highest energy center and the place where we come into our true selves and into consciousness.  This is where we realize that we are perfect and complete exactly as we are and that we are connected to every person and the universe.


The demon of the crown chakra is attachment.  When we are attached to things, people, outcomes, thoughts, and ideas, then we do not see the bigger picture of our interconnectedness.  


There you have it!  The 7 main chakras and their demons.  If you want to check out how to work with your root chakra and its demon fear with singing bowls, check out my youtube video.  


Get comfortable and get ready to get grounded, to feel safe, and to let go of fear!


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Be sure to let me know if you’ve experienced these demons in your chakras and let me know how you work with them.  Or if you have questions on working with them!


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