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Chakra Affirmations for Positive Change

Chakras and affirmations – changing the record that plays in our heads

Chakra affirmations are life changing because we can change the course of our live through intention.

We are so often playing the same record in our heads without even knowing it.

It’s so much easier to repeat negative things than it is to repeat positive things – UNTIL we become more aware.

I’m not saying that if you just wish it, then it will necessarily come true.  But that when you set an intention for something, then your mind, energy, body, and thoughts are geared in that direction.  You see a path to that and all things that benefit that goal come more into your life.  More things that you want are open to you because you are open to them.  

Just like when you are thinking negative thoughts – nothing ever works out, all people are stupid and take advantage of me, no one cares about me, etc.  you’re putting out energy that vibrates those things towards you and keeps your awareness looking for those types of people who take advantage,  opportunities that disappoint, self-criticism that is self-fulfilling. 


Energy flows where attention goes

Tony Robbins (and many others people have said), ” Energy flows where attention goes”.  And chakra affirmations are key to using our subtle energy to manifest where we want our energy to go to get what we want most.

This means that if you awareness is on what you’re worried about and fear of, then you will keep seeking those things out in a way.  We don’t want to be doing that, but it’s like we’re putting on blinders to everything else except those fears and worries and saying, I know they’re out there and I’m going to prove it.

But what if you flipped the switch and got really clear on what you want and started focusing your intention with purpose on those things.  


Moving our energy into our chakras with intention

When we work with chakra affirmations we are connecting to another way of being in tune with our inner selves.  The chakras connect to our physical, mental, and emotional selves and ingnoring them could leave us with stories running the background of our energy that are not the most useful to our goals.  And can prevent us from really knowing what our goals and est ways to spend our time are.  

Each energetic center can be balanced and aligned using affirmations – positive intentions that we specifically set time to listen to deeply and see what we need.


Amplifying chakra affirmations with sound healing

Using sound healing with singing bowls is a way to amplify the chakra affirmations. 

Sound healing is a vibrational energy and it gets down into the subtle energy and vibrates you on a cellular level.  We need this energy to help to get our affirmations to permeate into our cells action so that we can manifest more of what we want in our lives.

Singing bowls are also an amazing tool for bringing our intentions forward because sound healing puts us in a state of restorative rest.  When we are in restorative rest, we finally are not running – our sympathetic nervous system gets a chance to calm down and not be in survival mode!  Because when we’re in survival mode, we can’t be in manifesting mode.

Find out more about sound healing here.

Ways to use affirmations with the chakras to manifest more of what you want in your life

  1. Experience the chakra affirmations along with sound healing with singing bowls.
  2. Repeat the affirmations out loud while looking in a mirror, during a sound session, while walking, or while doing any other things – just breaking the negative thought cycle with these beautiful intentions any time during your day will be helpful!
  3. Take advantage of the new moon as a time for intention setting and new beginnings in our energy.
  4. While you repeat the affirmations, see a mental picture of what this would mean in your life right now.  Picture it as if it’s already happening.
  5. Repeat and repeat because otherwise we’re unknowingly repeating the negative things, the criticisms, the worries, the fears, the things that we don’t want to amplify. 

Ready to repeat some beautiful intentions for your chakras?

Ask  yourself these questions in the mirror, during a sound healing session, in a meditation, or while you’re going about your daily business.  

Then, really LISTEN.

NOTE:  Sometimes weird stuff will come up, so be ready and willing to meet what arises with kindness.


Chakra 1 – Root 

The first chakra is about our sense of survival and safety.  It is the place of feeling a connection to the earth, our bodies, and our right to be here.  

I am safe.

I am grounded.

The energy of the earth supports me and holds me.

I have a right to be here.

My body is my sacred space to travel through the world safely in.

I am prosperous and confident in my ability to provide for my basic needs.

I nurture and respect my body.


Chakra 2 – Sacral chakra

The second chakra is about our sexuality, creativity and about our connection to others.   It’s associated with the water element and about being in the flow of life and living with all of our emotions.

I honor my right to have and to express my emotions.

I am beautiful and desirable.

I flow with what the universe brings me.

I am connected to others.

I embrace the pleasure of life that comes with each breath.

I am a sensual and sexual being and honor that beauty as part of my complete self.

I am able to release emotional stories that no longer serve me.


Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus 

The solar plexus is our personal fire power – it’s our place of arriving in our self-esteem and standing in our personal power with grace.

I am confident and successful in everything I put my mind to.

I make decisions with ease even when they are not easy decisions.

I cultivate my personal power and turn to it when I need to stand up in my true intentions.  

I use my personal power with grace to accomplish my goals that serve others in a positive way.

I let go of the times that I was not able to stand in my personal power.

I am a strong, confident person.

I can stand up for myself while still honoring who I am and treating the other person with kindness.

I am capable and worthy of achieving my goals and desires.


Chakra 4 – Heart

The heart is the center of giving and receiving love.  It’s our space of compassion for ourselves and others.

I give and receive love easily and unconditionally.

I am open to the flow of love to me and to others.

I love myself in mind, body, and spirit.

I choose love over anger and hate.

There is an unlimited supply of love.

I can let go of the times that I have been hurt and forgive myself and others.

I embrace life with joy and gratitude and that fuels the love in my heart.

I love and accept myself.


Chakra 5 – Throat 

The throat chakra is about communication and giving a voice to all of your energy.  It’s about speaking your truth.

I speak my truth clearly and effectively.

I speak to myself and others in a way that honors my true self.

I speak the truth with grace and kindness.

I listen deeply to my body, my energy, and my thoughts to give a true voice to my purpose.

I use my words to serve others in a positive way.

My voice is important and meant to be heard.


Chakra 6 – Third Eye

The third eye center is our center of intuition.  We all have this and experience it in different ways and connecting to the third eye is about trusting this wisdom.

I listen to and trust my intuition.

I am open to hearing the wisdom of the universe.

I allow myself to experience new things and use my intuition to navigate my course.

I am present and aware and open to seeing the bigger picture of the pieces of my life.

I connect to my inner wisdom.


Chakra 7 – Crown

The crown chakra is the highest energy center and the place where we come into our true selves and into consciousness.  This is where we realize that we are perfect and complete exactly as we are and that we are connected to every person and the universe.

I am perfect and complete exactly as I am.

I am connected to others and to the universe.

I am open to the abundance of the universe.

I am light and the highest form of energy.

I accept myself completely.

I open myself up to letting go of attachment.

I trust my highest wisdom.


What do you think about chakra affirmations?  Or really, how do you feel is a better question!?

Let me know how these affirmations resonate with you and if you’re able to check them out with some sound healing.

Want to learn more about chakra demons and how they can block our energy?

Check here for upcoming special events for the chakras.



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