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3 Ways Restorative Yoga Relieves the Pain of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Restorative yoga helps relieve SAD pain through gentle, relaxing poses.  Blankets, blocks, and pillows support the body in beneficial yoga poses and are held for a few minutes. SAD is a type of seasonal depression that can result from shorter days and less sunlight.  Seasonal affective disorder can start in the fall and go through …

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7 Days to Restore Your Sanity and Your Body – NEW Digital Course

I recently launched a digital course that helps to reduce stress through both movement and stillness.  It’s called the 7 Days to Restore Your Sanity and Your Body.  And in it, I share my favorite tools for releasing stress in the mind, body, and subtle energy.  What I love about digital courses is that it’s …

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Getting to know your chakra demons

  Chakra demons are the shadows that cloud your chakras, which are subtle energy centers that are connected to us physically, mentally, and spiritually.  These energy centers can be blocked by demons that prevent us from reaching our true potential and can leave us feeling tired, angry, sad, and afraid without even knowing why. Chakra …

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How Sound Healing Heals

How does sound healing heal? (and what it doesn’t do) Sound healing heals on mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual levels.  I believe that healing with sound is possible on these levels through the vibrational energy of the singing bowls.  And also through a growing awareness of our experience in the present moment as we deeply listen …

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