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7 Days to Restore Your Sanity and Your Body – NEW Digital Course

7 days to restore your sanity and your body digital course

I recently launched a digital course that helps to reduce stress through both movement and stillness.  It’s called the 7 Days to Restore Your Sanity and Your Body.  And in it, I share my favorite tools for releasing stress in the mind, body, and subtle energy.  What I love about digital courses is that it’s all organized for you with progressive learning and bite-sized pieces of info that you can truly incorporate into your life!


This course uses tools like meditation and sound healing along with guided awareness practices to practice the letting go of attachment, judgement, and constant mental chatter.  We replace these things with intention positive affirmations and visualizations of what we want to see happen in our lives.  Then we are not practicing the fears and worries, but practicing in our minds and bodies what we truly want to manifest.


But this approach isn’t just about sitting in mediation or laying around listening to singing bowls – both of which are incredibly needed and restorative!  It’s also about movement – in a mindful way.


Different ways and tools to move mindfully


In 7 Days to Restore Your Sanity and Your Body, I offer you gentle yoga, stretching, and mindful strengthening to create an all around picture of how the body feels and what it needs today.  Movement is about deeply listening much like sound healing with singing bowls is about deep listening.  It’s just a different way of practicing it – and using different modalities to practice the same skills will get the practices deep in your cells and energy.


But movement can also use props such as balls for self-myofascial release as I do in my Mindful Rolling™ class in this course.  This is a fascial release technique where you use balls that are around tennis ball size and hardness (and there are many different balls that can be used for different parts of the body!).  


You move mindfully on the balls on the floor or against the wall to give the fascia some release and fluidity.  This is amazing for relieving tension and restriction in the body and, of course, that works to benefit us mentally too!  How can you feel good in general if your body doesn’t feel good?!


And Mindful Rolling™ could be the most powerful meditation that you experience because you will be fully in the moment – asking yourself what do I feel right now, how does my movement change how I feel, where is my awareness?  And practicing being in present moment awareness is a practice of letting go of stress in our everyday lives.


What’s powerfully relaxing in 7 Days to Restore Your Sanity and Your Body?

This digital course has got a variety of tools that are all deeply connected to letting go of stress on so many levels.  Here’s the basics of what you’ll get for the week and what will lead your mindset transformation for a lifetime:

  1. Meditation and mindfulness

    This is the key to it all and I teach it in the most simple, fun way that will leave you feeling amazing because you can’t do it wrong.  This is a process of starting to listen deeply and to treat what arises for you in the mind, body, and breath with kindness.

  2. Mindful movement and gentle yoga

    Movement as meditation is pivotal to feeling better in and about your body.  Moving through our range of motion, stretching, and strengthening is important in how we feel about our bodies and even impacts our overall outlook on life.  

  3. Sound healing with crystal singing bowls

    Sound healing is amazing for clearing our minds and our energy.  It can help to balance and align our chakras which puts us into a place of being ready to heal and ready to reach our full potential.

  4. Mindful rolling™

    This is a self-myofascial release practice that uses various types of balls to massage the fascia.  You’ll need two tennis balls or other similar sized balls, but there are so many types of other balls and things you can do with rolling.  This has been the biggest thing that I have done in my own life to reduce pain in my body daily!

  5. Restorative yoga

    Want a purposeful and constructive nap!?  You will need a few props like blankets and pillows and the set up will all be worth it.  You’ll learn here that doing less will have a huge impact on what you’re able to do in the rest of your life.

  6. Breathing

    We will work with the breath in every class, but this class will teach you specific types of breathing exercises that you can do in different situations.  And you’ll get a downloadable file to print to remind yourself daily of the tools you have at hand.

  7. Putting it all together

    On the last day of the challenge I will give you the ultimate gift of combining all of these amazing tools into one mindful experience.  You will feel renewed, recharged, and ready to continue these practices in the weeks to come!


Not just a week, but a mindset transformation


This one week of a restorative challenge is about creating a habit.  A habit of taking time for yourself to slow down in a truly purposeful way.  Once you commit to this week, you will see how you can find the time to schedule intentional time for yourself – to work with your energy, your thoughts, and movement in a stress relieving way.


Want to hear more directly from me about how I’ve used these tools to reduce stress and anxiety in my life and how I’ve helped my clients?  Sign up for this free three video series today and learn more about how these tools can help you!


Sign up here for your free training and let me know if you have any questions about the course.  I look forward to sharing these amazing and simple tools with you so that you can feel better every day!




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