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Top 5 Benefits of Private Sound Healing Sessions with Singing Bowls

Crystal and Himalayan singing bowl sound healing

If you’re stressed, tired, anxious, or just ready to up your creativity and productivity, then it’s time to talk about the five benefits of private sound healing sessions with singing bowls.  

How Private Sound Healing Heals

  • Sound healing with singing bowls can help to let go of the constant worry and negative cycles in your mind.
  • The bowls can balance and align your chakras or subtle energy centers.  These centers are connected to physical parts of your body, to old stories that hold you back, and to emotional centers that affect the way you feel and your behaviors.  
  • Sound healing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system so that you can get the restorative rest that you need.  You know you’re constantly running, right?  Don’t you think you need to get some productive rest to prevent illness and injury?


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These top 5 benefits of private sound healing sessions with singing bowls show the benefits of sound journeying solo


  1. Customization

Private sound healing sessions complement your life, your work, your energy, and your goals.  Personalized sessions create an in-the-moment experience and one that benefits your life.


  1. Privacy

Privacy is paramount in private sound healing sessions.  Oftentimes, clients seek out sound for very personal reasons.  They may want to reduce stress, learn to be more patient with their loved ones, or to build their self-esteem.   


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  1. Focused energy work

Private sound healing sessions address the individual client’s chakra energy.  This is related also to their past experiences, their work, and other factors in their lives. Private sessions afford the opportunity for the bowls to work with the individual’s energy.  Group sessions are great for positive group energy, but a private session affords the opportunity to focus on just your energy without interference of others’ energy.  


  1. Education

Time to recap, learn, and apply experience to what is coming up in life.  Post-session is time to see what you experienced and how we can apply what happened in the session to benefit your everyday life.


  1. Convenience

Let’s be honest, if it’s not easy, then we won’t do it.  Virtual private sessions happen at a time that’s convenient for you and there’s no need to drive, park, and carry your stuff.  You’re in the comfort of your own home with all the props that you need right there.  Schedule in-person sessions around a time that works for you so that you know that you can commit to yourself.


I work a lot with positive affirmations in the chakras with the singing bowls. You can practice on your own repeating positive affirmations to yourself to vibrate more of what you want in your life.

Grab your free chakra affirmation workbook below:

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