Experienced coaching in the “Mindful Big 3” of meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement for stressed (and busy!) people who want to transition to a more mindful life.  

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My name is Tracy Hart and I work with busy, stressed people through my “Mindful Big 3” program.  You are in the right place if you’re ready for a more mindful life, but need help getting started and staying on track.  And this program isn’t just about a lesson here or there; it’s about creating a mindset switch to wellness.  You’ll feel better mentally, physically, and energetically, but you need to start the process today.

I am based in New Jersey and see clients in person, but work with many people virtually all over the world.

Meditation with Tracy HartMeditation

Meditation is the foundation of my “Mindful Big 3” coaching and any class that I teach.

Learning to build your present moment awareness without judgement is key to reducing stress and stepping into your personal power.

Anyone can learn to meditate with my program and I teach you to personalize the experience for lifelong benefits.

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Sound Healing

Experiencing the singing bowls is best way to slow down the constant mental chatter that drains your energy.  Sound healing is an amazing practice of awareness and deep listening.

And the singing bowls can help to balance your chakras and to promote restorative rest and healing.   Release negative energy and old stories from your mind, body, and spirit with sound healing.

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Gentle yoga with Tracy Hart-2Mindful Movement

A mindful movement practice is critical to increasing your awareness of your body and to creating a positive body image.  Experience functional movement that creates strength and stability, increases mobility, and opens you up to body awareness.  

The practice is customized to each person to meet you where you are today and where you want to go.  A well-rounded, mindful movement practice is critical to feeling good in and about your body and helps you connect to your meditation and sound healing practices.

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Is the “Mindful Big 3” for you?  Yes, if any of this sounds familiar!

  • You feel like you’re constantly running, taking care of work and family, and planning out your next moves.  And it can all feel a bit overwhelming!
  • There just isn’t any time left at the end of the day for your own self-care.  And you might feel a bit guilty about making time for yourself anyway.
  • Stress and worry are a regular thing that affect you during your day and even when you’re trying to sleep.
  • You’re searching for a holistic way to feel better in the mind and body, but it’s gotta be something that is easy to stick with and enjoyable to do.

I made the shift and I can teach you!

I spent most of my life in a state of stress and anxiety before practicing meditation and working with sound healing and mindful movement.

My thoughts were constantly planning out possible scenarios of what could go wrong.  I replayed what I could have done differently over and over.  Obsessed over small details.   Anything that went wrong was a trigger that there was something wrong with me.  

It was to the point where I couldn’t leave the house without a Xanax in my pocket!

But those stressors got me to seek out change in my life.  The transformation I found took the form of meditation, sound healing, and gentle yoga.  And now I am thrilled to share them with my clients to help them reduce their stress and take control of their lives in a mindful way!  


How I can help you change your mindset and lifestyle

I coach clients in a program that I call, the “Mindful Big 3”.  It’s holistic healing program that includes meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement.  And I customize the program to fit each of my client’s busy lives.  

The “Mindful Big 3” is This is a proven program that has transformed my own life and my clients’ lives from stressed to mindfully aware.  You can reduce your stress, feel better in your body, and let go of old stories in your energy with this powerful trio of holistic techniques.

Self-Care as a priority

Part of the mindset shift is making your own mindful self-care a priority.  Without guilt.  Without leaving yourself to the last moments of the day.  In order to take care of your loved ones, your work, and to share your beautiful gifts, you need to to have a system of taking care of yourself that is part of a lifestyle.

In addition to teaching you the “Mindful Big 3”, I will also teach you how to incorporate it into your life in a way that feels easy.  It becomes something that you want to do because it feels good!

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Are you ready for a transformation?

Are you tired of being tired?

Let’s start working together today so I can start to teach you my program of the “Mindful Big 3” of meditation, sound healing, and mindful movement!

I recommend starting with a 6 session package to get the full benefit of experiencing and practicing the elements of the program.

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the "Mindful Big 3" with Tracy Hart meditation, sound healing, gentle yoga

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